What Are The Different Tint Shades? The Ultimate Guide


Are you looking to add a window tint to your car? Not sure where to start? Knowing the right tint shade can make all the difference in getting the perfect look and feel for your vehicle.

With various shades available, understanding tint percentages and how they affect visibility can help make choosing the right tint that much easier. So let’s dive into what you need to know about window tints and their different shades! 

What Does The Percentage Of Tint Mean?

Before diving into the different shades of tints, it’s essential to understand what the percentage means. In a nutshell, the lower the percentage, the darker the tint will look on your vehicle. So, for example, a 5 percent tint will look darker than 20. The lightest shades available for most films are around 50 or 70.

What Is Limo Tint?

Limo tint, also known as 5 percent window tint, is an ideal choice for those looking for a higher level of privacy, especially during the day. This special kind of tint makes it hard to see into the car, even in broad daylight.

Furthermore, limo tints act like a type of ‘cloak,’ obscuring the contents within while acting as an additional layer of protection against strong sunlight and unwanted passersby glances. Limo tints offer a unique combination of privacy and style that is sure to impress any passersby!

What Is 20 Percent Tint?

20 percent tint is a popular choice amongst drivers who are looking for a bit of privacy while still retaining the ability to have good visibility. It can be seen as factory tint, as this is usually the level that comes standard on the back windows of SUVs and trucks. 20 percent works great in comparison to other levels, like 5% limo tint, which is darker and reduces visibility far more than its lighter counterpart. As such, 20 percent has become a go-to option for drivers looking to find a solution that won’t impede their view while still providing necessary coverage.

What Is 35 Percent Tint?

When it comes to tinting windows, 30 and 35 percent tint are great options for providing drivers with both style and practicality. Not only will they bring a touch of class to your vehicle, but the lower levels still allow the driver to have high visibility outside the car while keeping them and the other occupants shaded from too much sun at the same time. Whether you’re looking for protection against UV rays, enhanced privacy, or just an extra hint of elegance to your windows, these tints provide a perfect balance between beauty and practicality.

Obstructing too much light from entering a vehicle can be dangerous, which is why certain laws regulating window tint exist around the United States, including California.

In particular, the legal limit for window tint on the front side windows of cars in California is 70%, meaning no more than 70% of light rays can be blocked from entering the vehicle. As for the back half of the car, there is no restriction on darkness. On windshields, only the top 4 inches are legal to tint. However, laws can change depending on your region or state, so it’s important to double-check your local regulations before using any sort of tinting product to ensure you’re staying within legal limits.

What’s The Best Percentage For Tint?

When it comes to deciding the perfect tint percentage for your car, there is much to consider. Will you want enough darkening to facilitate nighttime driving but also clarity and UV protection? Do you need enough transparency to still perceive shape and color?

Each type of tint offers different benefits, making it essential that you find one that works best for your individual situation and preferences. It’s important to talk with a professional like Tintix, who can help find the perfect shade for you after carefully considering all of these factors. 

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re looking for a darker level of tints, such as 5 percent limo, or just something to keep the sun out, like 20 percent and 35 percent tints, there are plenty of options available. It is essential that you consider all your options, as well as local laws regarding window tinting, before making any decisions. With the right guidance and the right tint, you can be sure to make your car look good while also keeping yourself and other passengers safe.


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