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tesla paint protection

tesla paint protection

PPF is a paint protection film manufactured by 3M or XPEL. It is a transparent coating that needs to be form-fitted to the vehicle’s exterior surface. Tesla refers to its application as a “no-brainer” because of the lifetime protection it provides against scratches and acts of vandalism.
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Tesla Ceramic Coating

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating initially gained popularity as a professional service provided by detailing shops like us Tintix, but they’ve lately become more widely available, more affordable, and easier to use.
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Tesla Window Tinting

Tesla Window Tinting

It’s one thing to tint your Tesla, but an entirely different matter to get a custom fit, perfect finish and dependable tints. Using Tintix will get you a subtle tint for your investment.
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WHY TINTIX tesla experts?

It’s one thing to tint your Tesla, but an entirely different matter to get a custom fit, perfect finish and dependable tints. Using Tintix will get you a subtle tint for your investment. At TINTIX, we are committed to providing you with world-class window tinting services for your Tesla Vehicle at a very fair price. For the best window tinting in California & Texas, get in touch with us for prompt and efficient services.

TESLA Features


More Privacy

Darkened windows provide privacy when driving and also help to keep possessions inside the car hidden from view.

Blocks up to 98% of Solar Heat

Tesla window tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer.

Improved Mileage Per Charge

Heat from the sun increases the interior temperature, requiring you operate the A/C, which then drains the battery. Tesla window tinting blocks up to 98% of solar heat, so you can drive farther before

Shattered Glass Protection

Tesla Window tint film is designed to keep glass from shattering if an object hits it. In the event of a car accident, passengers are protected from flying glass shards and from being ejected through windows.

Prevents Interior Sun Damage

The sun’s UV rays are very damaging to the interior of a vehicle and Tesla window tinting helps to protect from cracking and fading while also decreasing the temperature inside your vehicle by up to 60%.

Why tesla paint protection film?

Protects Against Stains

The film protects against chemical stains like bird droppings and keeps the custom paint finish refreshed and immaculate for miles.

Prevents Paint Damage

Various protective layers safeguards paint against road rashes such as debris and rock.

Maintains Resale Value

The finest quality protection film keeps your Tesla in excellent condition.

Heals Minor Scratches

We ensure shielding and healing of the most vulnerable areas, such as bumpers, which take the greatest damage.

Reduces Door Dings

Our tesla PPF protects from exterior damaging door dings mostly sustained in parking lots.

Saves money

The PPF covers a broad scope of elements to give your Tesla the maximum protection.

Why Tesla Ceramic Coating?

Are you considering having your Tesla protected and/or customized? TINTIX is a premium automotive salon located in Brentwood, CA. And Plano, TX.

We specialize in Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Window Tint, and several other custom services for Teslas. We have a stellar reputation in the Tesla community and are committed to excellence. Get in touch today to get more information, pricing, or to schedule service.

If you’re looking to upgrade your paint protection options for your Tesla with a ceramic coating, complete some research first. When you discover how far TINTIX stands against competitors, we’re ready to help.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our personal, 5-star service for our Tesla clients. Your vehicle is treated with the utmost care, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of your finish.

We are accredited and certified to offer Ceramic Pro Sport Ceramic Coatings. one of the absolute best coatings on the market with unique benefits that far outweigh wax or paint sealants, designed to protect your Tesla with meticulous precision.

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