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car Window Tinting Service

car Window Tinting Service

Expect nothing less from us. We deliver top-notch shielding tinting services best fitting your needs with various tint shades with a promised lifetime warranty.
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Paint protection film

Paint protection film

Looks silky like satin and functions in high-quality professional PPF that performs even better than it looks. Keep your car looking its best with a lustrous finish and safeguard it from harmful UV rays.
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car wrapping

car wrapping

Choose from our cost-effective and diverse range of easily installable, flexible wrap vinyl that leaves your vehicle looking pristine with a durable protective layer.
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car ceramic coating

car ceramic coating

Transform your car with a sleek look and avoid paint damage with our highly long-lasting temperature-preserving ceramic coatings that benefit both your car's exterior and interiors.
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tesla services

tesla services

Style, shield, enhance and take advantage of our services at Tintix. Our professionals are the best in the game of customizing the perfect fit for your Tesla.
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At Tintix, we pride ourselves and stand behind our work, assuring our clients by offering lifetime warranties covering all service-related failures.

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Our services are the best in the game, committed to providing top-grade services to clients who want nothing less.

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Window tinting is the process of applying a film to your car windows, usually to reduce heat transfer through glass, increase privacy, or both.
There are certain states and cities that limit the tint on a car window. It is important to be aware of these limitations, as well as different laws in each area.
if you’re wondering how to remove your old car tint, it can be hard and must be handled by pros. get in touch with us to get a quote on removing your old tint from your car’s windows.
There are many different types of car window tint. The best car window tint is the ceramic tint. It protects your car from the sun’s heat and provides almost 100% protection against UV rays. This type of tint has better heat absorption than basic solar film or nano film.
If you choose to tint your vehicle, it is important to understand when and how to properly take care of the vehicle. The window tint should be applied in a single layer and should not be washed for at least 24 hours after application. This allows time for the adhesive surface on the film to bond fully with the car’s finish.
Ceramic is the newest trend in automotive body color. It’s a non-reflective material that when applied to car bodies, provides a glare-free appearance and reduces the amount of heat generated by the sun.
This is a great service that we offer to our clients. With a lifetime warranty, you have the peace of mind that if there’s ever a problem with your window tint, we’ll fix it for you at no additional cost to you!
Tinting your car can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours and we have a waiting area where you can sit and relax while we do the work.
Each window is unique and we recommend that you contact us to determine the best tint for your specific need
This is commonly due to the moisture that our installer uses. Moisture or condensation comes in the forms of haziness and bubbles. There is no need for concern, these bubbles are normal and will disappear within 2-3 weeks.
No. We use the latest computer technology to cut the window film specifically to fit your make and model of vehicle. This ensures the perfect cut and eliminates the risk of damage to your vehicle’s glass or paint work.
Please contact us on 925-261-7111 for your car tinting requirements. We will be more than happy to help you.
No. The window film is made from a special material that doesn’t change its strength and durability with changes in temperature. It is also an advanced safety film which will protect against glass breakage and other types of damage.

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