Does Ceramic Tint Keep Car Cooler

Does ceramic window tint keep the car cooler?

Well, the short answer is definitely YES.

Many people think that tinted windows are all they need to keep the heat from overwhelming them once the temperature rises. Unfortunately, factory *regular* tints are usually designed for style and privacy over protection. NOT ALL TINT FILMS ARE THE SAME!

There are multiple car window tint films options out there, such as dyed, ceramic, and metalized. The difference between each of the film types is the materials used. And the biggest difference between ceramic and non-ceramic tint films is the level of temperature control through the amount of infrared light blocked by the window tint. Dyed films rely on the darkness of the shade to determine heat resistance, with darker shades blocking out more heat. Ceramic films are excellent at heat protection for all shades. You won’t lose heat protection with a lighter tint or a clear film.