Does Ceramic Tint Keep Car Cooler

does ceramic window tint keep car cooler does ceramic tint keep car cooler does ceramic tint keep your car cooler

Does ceramic window tint keep the car cooler?

Well, the short answer is definitely YES.

Many people think that tinted windows are all they need to keep the heat from overwhelming them once the temperature rises. Unfortunately, factory *regular* tints are usually designed for style and privacy over protection.


There are multiple car window tint film options out there, such as dyed, ceramic, and metalized. The difference between each of the film types is the materials used. And the biggest difference between ceramic and non-ceramic tint films is the level of temperature control through the amount of infrared light blocked by the window tint. Dyed films rely on the darkness of the shade to determine heat resistance, with darker shades blocking out more heat. Ceramic films are excellent at heat protection for all shades. You won’t lose heat protection with a lighter tint or a clear film.

The Ceramic film is also special as it contains a blend of ceramic particles. Nano-ceramic technology results in a quality product. While they are invisible to the eye, they actually work by 99% blocking the sun’s harsh UV rays and 96% of the infrared rays.

The genetic makeup of the film is both non-metallic and non-conductive, which basically means its insulating. Regular films are made from thin laminate or polyester sheets that are dyed in specific light to dark shades. While these films block the sun, they still let in UV rays and heat.

Does Ceramic Tint Keep Your Car Cooler?

Heat rejection film, commonly known as Ceramic window tint in the industry, is the newest wave in window tinting films for cars that are designed to keep you comfortable, cool, and keep your car in great shape. Let’s take a closer look at 3 ways heat rejection will help keep you and your vehicle cool all summer long.

Cooler Temps, More Comfortable Ride

No matter where you’re going – work, a friend’s house, or a weekend vacation getaway, there’s no doubt that you want to feel comfortable while you’re driving your car. If you don’t have tinted windows then your only option during hot summer months is to crank up the AC as high as it can go; but even this may not be enough, to say anything of the costs in fuel when this occurs. That is where ceramic tinting heat rejection window film comes in, when professionally applied, will help keep you much cooler and more comfortable without having to reach for the AC.

Less Wear And Tear On The AC Unit

If you’ve ever had to run your car’s AC for hours on end every day during the summer, then you probably already know how heavy usage of a car’s AC unit can greatly damage it over time. If you apply ceramic window tint heat rejection film, on the other hand, you are taking this constant burden from the air conditioner; this will result in less stress on the unit, which is sure to last longer due to not being overtaxed. This saves you money in the long run since car AC units can be notoriously expensive to replace.

Reduction Of Dangerous Sun Glare

If you have ever been driving along, only to find yourself at the mercy of a sun glare that makes it impossible to see, then you will already know why this particular benefit is such a revolution. Heat rejection film will reduce the sun glare that filters through the car’s windows, which in turn eliminates the sun glare that happens to come from those windows. While you will still need to keep an eye out for glare from the front, you will be able to drive safely knowing that sun glare won’t be rearing its head from the backseat anytime soon.

Ceramic Tint Keep Car Cooler

Ceramic tint reduces your car’s inside temperature significantly, protecting your car’s interior, belongings you choose to leave inside it, and the backs of your legs. (If you’ve ever sat down in a hot car wearing shorts, you get what we mean.)

Ceramic tint costs a TEENY bit more than standard tint. True. But over time, you’ll save A LOT more on energy use. You see, when it’s hot we crank up the AC. And when we do that, we’re burning through our fuel or electric energy. At the end of the month, this adds up. But with ceramic tint, you can save at least 40% on your monthly energy costs.

When it comes to ceramic window tint, it remains by far your best option. Not only does it cut out dangerous UV sunlight and protect you from sun damage and heat,
but it keeps your car’s interior nice and comfortable. You’ll also enjoy the safety benefits of no-glare driving.

Coupled with the fact you can maintain the factory appearance of your vehicle,
gain more robust windows, and save lots of money in fuel costs, it represents the superior option.

Keep your car’s interior cool and sun-damage-free all year long with ceramic film tint.

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