Best Ceramic Window Tint Film For Cars

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What is the best ceramic window tint film for cars?

There are types of car window tints that you can use for your windows. Many citizens of the United States still use the standard films that can last up to two years if the windows are taken care of properly. However, what most people do not know is there is a variation of car tint films that you can use.

One of the excellent choices, or perhaps the best for some car enthusiasts, is ceramic window tints.

Ceramic window tints have the capability of metallic films without interfering with the signal of your electronics. We at TINTIX recommend that you use this kind of film to have maximum protection on your money’s worth.

Ceramic Tint History

Early dye-based window tints (developed in the 1960s and 70s) tended to discolor and bubble with age, leaving a car looking worse than it did before the window film was applied and doing little to reduce the interior heat caused by sunshine.

Toward the end of the 1900s, metallic and hybrid window films were developed. These used metal particles and a blend of metal particles and dyes, respectively, to help add solar energy rejection to window tinting, but metallic films were shiny in appearance and often interfered with cellular phone signals and radio waves.

The nano-ceramic window tint was developed with the aim of creating a tint that rejected solar heat, added privacy, and did not interfere with signal transmissions. It would prove a great success.

Today, there are multiple brands of ceramic window tints for cars. But to ensure you are choosing from among the finest window tints available, there are only a select few ceramic tint brands worth close consideration. But first, let’s find out what is ceramic window tint?

What Is Ceramic Window Tint?

It’s the highest quality car window tint product, and also the most expensive. This type doesn’t contain metal, dye, or carbon, but instead a sort of ceramic particle that’s both nonmetallic and nonconductive.

It has recently stepped on the market but has already proven its worth in terms of reliability and performance. Ceramic tint cuts from 45% to 65% of solar heat that enters through the windows in the form of infrared light, while enabling maximum visibility both day and night.

Plus, it allows great efficacy in the functioning of cell phones, radios, GPS systems, and other devices being operated from inside the protected space.

It outclasses other types of car window tint in its resistance to glare/fading and renders windows extremely shatter-proof. Plus, it’s most efficient in blocking UV light up to 99% of entering the interior.

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What Is The Best Ceramic Window Tint?

It’s hard to give a straight answer to this question since these products have different performances, appearances, price tags, and so on. In order to help in making the right choice for your car, we made a list of the top best ceramic window tint products available on the market.

3M Ceramic IR Car Window film Series

The 3M IR ceramic window film provides a fantastic heat reduction and excellent visibility for an extended period.

It rejects up to sixty-five percent of solar radiation, eighty percent of IR radiation, and ninety-nine percent of UV rays.

3M ceramic window tint for cars is a trusted brand thanks to the company’s broad experience with window tinting in general. 3M makes window film for cars, residences, and commercial applications.

It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of window tinting products.

They have also always been readily willing to adopt new technologies, whereas some legacy brands cleave too closely to their original product lines.

For those who are interested in the best ceramic tint, we highly suggest that you try out the 3M Ceramic IR Tint Film. This ceramic tint is absolutely amazing when it comes to both looks and durability. You have a variety of tint options to pick from. The only issue you could have is that the installation process is not so simple and straightforward.

3m Ceramic tint Key Features:

  • Great infrared heat reduction due to this absorptive nano-ceramic technology.
  • High total solar energy is rejected for greater thermal comfort. Reduces the feel of the sun on the skin.
  • No electronic or mobile phone interference, including 5G, with a metal-free design.
  • Low visible light reflectivity value and no mirror-like appearance to disrupt your view out
  • Up to 99% UV protection (up to SPF 1000).
  • Color stability is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The non-metal design avoids corrosion concerns.
  • Designed with optical clarity backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Attractive neutral color.

XPEL PRIME XR Ceramic Tint Film

Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR ™ maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the-line film without breaking the bank.

+ The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends PRIME XR ™ Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

XPEL Ceramic tint Key Features:

  • Ceramic Particle Technology, PRIME XR contains ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation — making them more effective than traditional metalized or dyed films.
  • Superior Heat Rejection, The ceramic particle technology blocks the vast majority of the sun’s heat-causing infrared radiation — keeping your interior cool and improving fuel efficiency
  • UV Ray Protection, PRIME XR provides SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful Ultraviolet rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging, and skin cell damage.
  • Greater Clarity, In the past, keeping cool meant darker shades. The ceramic technology in PRIME XR allows it to provide the highest performance without sacrificing clarity and color.
  • Crystal Clear Signal, The nano-ceramic particle technology does not interfere with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals like traditional metalized films.

Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film

The Motoshield’s nano-ceramic window tint features a VLT (visible light transmission), and it’s rated with a glare reduction of 95%.

It blocks 99% of both UV and IR light passing through the vehicle’s windows, which means that it’ll keep your vehicle cool in the summer months, and you’ll use the air condition a lot less while it’s sweltering out.

Motoshield Ceramic Tint Key features:

  • Nano-ceramic tint film.
  • Blocks up to 99% UV, 99% IR,70% TSER (total solar energy rejected), and 95% glare.
  • 2 Mils in thickness, minimizes interior temperature up to 25F, and is environmentally friendly.
  • Maintains signal.
  • Available in 7 shades.
  • Won’t fade or turn purple.

LLumar CTX window tinting film

LLumar’s CTX lineup of great-quality ceramic window tint features durable, scratch-resistant construction while resisting fade and discoloration often seen with cheaper tinting solutions.

Ultimately high levels of heat/glare rejection protect the interior of your car successfully.

This makes a more comfortable driving environment for occupants, while UV penetration is reduced to almost nothing.

This ceramic window film also removes the risk of electronic interference, providing you with full and unobstructed device functionality.

LLumar Ceramic Tint Key features:

  • Outstanding heat rejection.
  • Great UV rejection.
  • Clear and easy connectivity.
  • Custom style capability.
  • Reduces fading.
  • Increases privacy.

Huper Optik Ceramic Tint Film

Huper Optik USA received a patent for nano-ceramic window film in 1998 and is arguably both the original and the superior creator of ceramic window tint.

Their years of dedicated research and development have paid off in a comprehensive line of ceramic tint for cars that reduce solar heat, add privacy, enhance aesthetics, preserve the clarity of view, and will not impact the proper function of phones, or GPS units, or radios.

Huper Optik auto tinting set the gold standard for vehicle window film when first released and still tops the list of most certified tint installers. While slightly more expensive than many other brands of window tint, Huper Optik window film is a lifelong investment.

Huper Optik Ceramic Tint Key features:

  • Prevents up to seventy percent of solar energy.
  • Blocks ninety-nine percent of UV rays.
  • No color fading.
  • Skin protection.
  • Provides a non-reflective layer.
  • It offers great visibility.

Solar Gard Ceramic automotive tint

This ceramic tint is made to reject high levels of solar radiation and glare reduction. It also offers excellent visibility. This ceramic tint stops harmful radiations. It blocks the UV radiation to 99% percent, which means that no UV rays enter the car. Due to this, the vehicle remains cool even in summer.

Solar Gard Ceramic automotive tint Key features:

  • High heat rejection.
  • Blocks hundred percent of the UV rays.
  • Do not change the color.
  • Available in seven shades.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

DUB IR Ceramic Tint Film

DUB IR auto window tints are all nano-ceramic. They do not use metalized particles and are thus inert in terms of signal interference and are fully color stable. And unlike many brands of window film that make products for cars, boats, homes, and buildings, DUB IR window tints are all expressly created for vehicles.

You can trust these tints to enhance the appearance and function of a vehicle. As of the present, the brand has only produced a limited range of auto window films, but all are of high quality.

DUB IR Ceramic Tint Key features:

  • Scratch-resistant coating.
  • Superior heat rejection.
  • Over 80% IR rejection.
  • Limited warranty guaranteed against fading, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and delamination.

Alpine Ceramic Auto Window Tinting

This ceramic window tint from Alpine uses the latest nano-ceramic technology with IR reduction, delivering long-lasting durability and unmatched heat rejection for superb comfier on every hot sunny day.

This ceramic window film is available in a wide variety of tint shades – from a terrific 3% super limo for maximum privacy to an almost virtually clear 70% for stunning visibility and sun protection.

It blocks nearly the entire amount of UVA (ultraviolet A-rays) and UVB (ultraviolet B-rays) rays, which are the primary source of interior fading and skin damage.

The product doesn’t contain metal, meaning it won’t obstruct your cellular signals, GPS, radar detector, toll pass, and garage door opener, plus your satellite and radio will be uninterrupted.

Alpine Ceramic Auto Window tint Key features:

  • Excellent heat rejection.
  • Infrared reduction.
  • Crystal clear clarity.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Doesn’t contain metal.
  • Zero interference with device signals.
  • Lasts after years of extreme weather.

HOHO Light Blue Nano Ceramic Tint

Lastly, we have the Hoho Light Blue Nano Ceramic Tint, which is another Hoho product that we like a lot mostly because of its nice looks. It actually has some really high heat insulation and strong UV resistance.

It will reject UV light at 99% and Infrared at 95%. The visible light transmission is just 75% so it is definitely not a blackout tint.

The best part about this ceramic tint is that it lets light through yet it still manages to maintain a high heat insulation rate.

This means that it is colder inside during the summer and hotter during the winter.

While it may not be for everybody, for those who want a more transparent tint and don’t want to give up the qualities of a dark tint, this is the one for you.

Best Car Ceramic Window Tinting Installer In Brentwood

Ceramic window tint can create a sleek sense of sophistication for your vehicle, and it can make everything from an SUV to a four-door sedan to look absolutely astonishing.

When car windows are tinted, up to 99 percent of UV rays can be stopped from entering inside, which can cool down the interior and make things comfier for yourself and your occupants. So, to reap all those benefits, your windows need to be adequately tinted.

The wise decision is to contact the #1 car tinting shop in Brentwood ca TINTIX. We’re committed to providing unapparelled tinting services, and our precision installation will prevent cracking and keep the interior more protected on those hot California days.

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