Tesla Model Y Black PPF & Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film

Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Film

Tesla Model Y, a symbol of modern innovation and design, was entrusted to our care at Tintix. With precision and dedication, we’ve elevated its protective layer to match its advanced stature.

Full Body XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF

The Model Y was treated to a full-body transformation, with the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF wrap adhering flawlessly to its sleek design, offering unmatched protection.

Benefits of XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF:

  • Robust Protection: Actively shields against scratches, rock chips, and harmful environmental elements.

  • Crystal Clear Quality: Offers a transparent protection layer that retains the vehicle’s original aesthetics.

  • Self-Healing Properties: Any minor abrasions or swirls naturally recover, ensuring the car maintains its pristine look.

  • UV Ray Defense: Prevents paint discoloration and fading by blocking harmful UV rays, ensuring a consistent car finish.

  • Stain Resistance: Protects against contaminants like bird droppings, bug splatters, and tree sap, keeping the vehicle cleaner for longer.

  • Extended Paint Lifespan: Enhances the durability of the car’s paintwork, potentially boosting the vehicle’s resale value.

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