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Ceramic Coating | Paint Protection Film

2024 BMW M3 Full Body PPF & Ceramic Coating

Our Livermore team at Tintix recently completed a comprehensive enhancement project on a 2024 BMW M3, leaving it in peak condition.

XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF

  • This top-tier PPF provides unparalleled protection, preserving the flawless factory finish and shielding against rock chips and scratches.

Exterior and Interior Ceramic Coating

  • Our expert application of ceramic coating creates a glossy shield that repels dirt, water, and harmful UV rays, ensuring your BMW maintains its pristine appearance every day.

XPEL Prime XR Black Ceramic Tint

Elevate both style and privacy with our tinting solution. This high-quality tint not only adds a touch of mystery to your vehicle’s aesthetics but also blocks out UV rays and excessive heat, enhancing your driving comfort.

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