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The rise in popularity of car window tinting has resulted in many people asking where are the best services for car window tinting near me. Look no further than TINTIX with our unrivalled window tint quality and service.

If you’re after the best window tinting near me, TINTIX are the choice for you. Our window tinting will increase heat rejection by up to 90% while still allowing 75% of natural light to enter. Therefore, our highly energy efficient window tints will save you on your next electricity bill.

If you're in need of "window tinting near me" and want to make sure you hire the right window tint installer for the job, here's what you should look for:


If you're looking for a window-tinting company in your area, start with your friends, family, and neighbors. If you know someone who has window-tinting done, ask them about who they went to for the service and if they are happy with the results. You can also take the time to inspect their car and look for any signs of less than quality work. 

If you're out and about and you see a car with a tint job that looks well done, you can always ask the owner of the car if they had the service done nearby. You're sure to get some good leads on local window-tinting companies this way.

Online Reviews

You can extend your search for "window tinting near me" by searching for recommendations via online search for reviews on Yahoo, Google Reviews, Yelp, etc.

Satisfied customers are usually happy to share their experience with a business online and the same goes for those who are disappointed with their results.

Tintix is the #1 window tinting service provider in Brentwood, Bay area, CA when it comes to reviews either on Yelp or on Google reviews. 

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Visit Shops in Person

Once you've gathered the names of a few tinting companies in the area, take the time to go by and check them out in person. Note how you're treated when you enter the shop. You should be greeted by employees who are happy to try to help you and show you around. This is a good time to ask about each companies tinting materials and shade options as well as ask about any warranties. 

If the shop in question is dirty and disorganized, or if the employees don't treat you as though they're happy to try to secure your business, you might want to continue your search.

Several Years in the Business

If you're searching for "the best window tinting near me", one of the first things to look for is car window tinting companies that have been in business for at least 3 years in your community.

When a company has that stability in your city, it shows a level of trustworthiness and reliability. They will likely still be there years down the road if something goes wrong with your tinted windows.

Different Types of Film

When you're trying to find the best window tinting near you, look for someone who can give you plenty of choices. There are many different kinds of tinting material available from a variety of manufactures. Some of these include hybrid film, full metal film, film made from titanium or stainless steel, non-reflective film, ceramic film, etc.

A trustworthy company like TINTIX will also guide you on the quality of window film that we offer and help you pick something that's within your budget while also providing good results. There are different levels of quality when it comes to window film. Be cautious of shops that only carry one or two types of film or offering cheap deals. They may have acquired this film when it was on sale and they might not be able to meet your vehicle's unique requirements. 

Tint shop That Offers a Warranty

When searching for "window tinting near me", one of the most important things to seek in the company you eventually choose is a warranty on their services.


The warranty on the car tint will vary depending on which type of window film you chose. When you purchase a tinting service, make sure you get a manufacturer's warranty card from the dealer as well as a warranty on the window film used on each window. You should also seek a warranty on the service itself. 


Quality Installation Methods

Many shops leave a little gap, or "micro-edge", at the top of the roll down windows. Other shops take their tinting all the way to the edge of the glass so that even when the window is rolled down, you can't see a gap. If you prefer the seamless look of a window tint with no gap, you should look for a shop that offers this kind of installation.

While being aware that it might cost more to opt for installation methods that offer no gaps or use only one piece of tinting material, finding a window tinting shop that provides the method you prefer is the best bet.

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