Why do we use Xpel products at Tintix?

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Xpel has a wide range of high-quality tints, films, and protective materials for your vehicle, home, and life.

We enjoy using Xpel products on our customers’ vehicles because we know and trust that they will last for a long time and satisfy all of your needs. We use Xpel window tint products and paint protection products because we want our clients to have access to the best materials on the market.

Here at Tintix, we need the best products to match our excellent and professional services. That’s why we use Xpel.


Xpel began in 1999, producing cutting-edge tints and protective films that are very popular over twenty years later. Since the day XPEL was founded, They’ve strived to provide the best possible products, services, and support for customers and installers alike.

XPEL Automotive Products

With a comprehensive array of offerings for a sedan, SUVs, Trucks, and more, there’s sure to be a solution to fit your needs. From daily drivers to enthusiast vehicles & exotics, there’s an automotive product to fit every need.

Protect your auto inside and out for years to come with impact-resistant paint protection film, hydrophobic ceramic coating, and UV-rejecting window film. Xpel window tint is recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation for the excellent protection it provides against the sun. It is a strong, high-quality product that we are proud to use here at Tintix.

XPEL Tint Films Pros

Xpel window tint blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays from passing through your windows and entering your vehicle, protecting both your health and the look and feel of your car’s interior. It prevents excess heat from entering your car, ensuring that your car stays cooler for longer.

Xpel has several different kinds of window tints, and we are happy to help you figure out which one works best for you before we install it on your vehicle.

Contact an XPEL Certified Installer

Contact us to learn more about the various Xpel products we use, which ones will best fit your needs, and to make an appointment with us to install our excellent Xpel products on your vehicle.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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