What To Do After Tinting Car Windows

What to do after tinting car windows

What To Do After Tinting Car Windows? Check this out to know!

You did it! And you decided that you wanted your car to look sleek, luxurious, and unique. You realized that the benefits of having your windows tinted extend beyond aesthetics and include things like privacy and protection of your car’s interior. You made an appointment with us here at Tintix, and you got your windows tinted by the best team in Brentwood.

Now what?

5 steps After to do after tinting car windows

Here are five necessary steps to keep your window tint in tip-top shape after it is installed:

1.Leave Your Windows Rolled Up

Experts recommend that you leave your windows rolled up for at least the first two to four days after you have your windows tinted. This helps the tint to cure properly and prevents any potential damage that might occur as the windows move up and down.

2. Give Bubbles Time to Disappear

You may notice some small bubbles under the film in the first few days after your window tint installation. That’s normal! Give them a few days to disappear. They are small collections of moisture, not air bubbles. They will evaporate as the window tint film cures.

3.Give Haze Time to Clear Up

Just like the bubbles, you might notice a slight haziness or cloudiness in your window tint film in the first few days. This is also a result of excess moisture and will disappear just like the bubbles once it has a chance to dry up.4

4.Don’t Get Your Car Washed

While it can be tempting to get your car washed once you have your windows tinted so that your car looks extra sleek, wait until the window tint film is completely dry before doing so. Moisture from car washes can cause additional bubbles and haze that would otherwise not be there.

Be careful!

5. Watch Out for Sharp Edges or Objects

Be careful to avoid scraping or pushing sharp edges against your windows until the film has entirely cured.

Boxes, hard parts of backpacks or purses, or even a seatbelt buckle let go carelessly can permanently
damage the window film tint and leave unsightly scratches or gaps in the film.

After getting your window tint professionally installed by Tintix, please make sure you take the proper steps to ensure that your window tint film cures properly.

If you haven’t gotten your windows tinted by the passionate professionals at Tintix, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with us today!

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