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Tesla Window Tint Service

TINTIX's your way to go center for window tinting installation for your Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X & Model Y.

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Getting Tesla window tinting in Brentwood, California, TINTIX doesn’t only add to its aesthetic value for at the same time, it also generates more exciting benefits. Darkened windows are no longer meant exclusively for the ultra rich riding around in their limos, for presidential motorcades, or paparazzi-shy celebrities. Today, window tinting services are available for almost all types of vehicles, including the Tesla Models, to enhance its performance and value.

Tesla is, without a doubt, the forerunner in alterative-powered vehicles, and their drive for quality doesn’t end with their innovations under the hood. They are breathtaking on the inside, as well, with so many comfort features. When you are in one, you feel like royalty getting behind the wheel or riding as a passenger. Those interior features are as susceptible to UV damage as any other car, making Tesla window tinting a wise investment for your Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y Tesla.

At TINTIX Tint Shop, we understand that one of the concerns of any Tesla owner is finding the right shop for added features. You want one that is passionate about Tesla vehicles and experienced with them. Our owner, TJ, specializes in Tesla installations, including Tesla window tinting, Ceramic Pro vehicle protective coatings, paint protection film (partial front, full front, and full wrap), and Tesla wraps.

At TINTIX we offer window tinting for all makes and models of vehicles, but one that is near and dear to our hearts is protecting Teslas with our superior window tinting products and installation service.


Looking for Tesla window tinting near me? Look no further! Tintix is here for all your window-tinting needs. Conveniently located in Plano, Texas and Brentwood, California, Tintix is providing premier Tesla window tinting services near you!

tesla  tint  percentage 

Different brands will offer different tint percentages and generally, you choose the same brand and model throughout the entire car so that the exact tint color and color fade (if any) will match evenly over the years. The only difference is choosing different percentages on different windows.

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Cheaper and won’t last as long as the others listed. You will have to replace it down the line due to bubbling.



Shinier look. Great at reflecting light, but has metal in it, so it can interfere with cell signals.



Combination of Dyed and Metalized. This combination is not too dark nor too reflective. If you are on a budget, I would get this one over dyed or metalized.



Another step up would be this one that uses carbon particles mixed into the film. It rejects more heat than metalized without cell signal interference and provides a more matte look.



We typically use 3M’s ceramic tint. It has almost 100% UV protection, incredible glare reduction, no signal interference, and reduces heat. This is great for Tesla’s because the less AC you run, the longer the range. 



3M’s signature high-quality tint. Thinner than a post it note and lighter in color, it still provides all of the heat blocking qualities you would want in a tint. This one will be well over $1k.


It’s one thing to tint your Tesla, but an entirely different matter to get a custom fit, perfect finish and dependable tints. Using Tintix will get you a subtle tint for your investment. At TINTIX, we are committed to providing you with world-class window tinting services for your Tesla Vehicle at a very fair price. For the best window tinting in California & Texas, get in touch with us for prompt and efficient services.


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