what is tesla PPF

PPF is a paint protection film manufactured by 3M or XPEL. It is a transparent coating that needs to be form-fitted to the vehicle’s exterior surface. Tesla refers to its application as a “no-brainer” because of the lifetime protection it provides against scratches and acts of vandalism.

Applying PPF to the vehicle’s exterior is a tedious and costly process that can run upwards of $10,000. Some drivers choose to wrap the entire car while others only have the PPF applied to high-use areas, such as the hood, mirrors, fenders, and bumpers as these parts of the vehicle are more susceptible to damage and abrasion.

Our Team reported that 46.8 percent of Tesla vehicle owners use any type of paint protection. For those who did purchase the extra protection, 29.8 percent went with PPF while 17.7 percent of their customers selected the Paint protection film.

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tesla ppf Starting at $1499

Here at Tintix, we provide excellent PPF Installation services at competitive prices to keep the cost low for you!

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Why tesla paint protection film?

Protects Against Stains

You no longer have to worry about stains making your car look dull and unattractive.

Prevents Paint Damage

Our paint protection is primarily manufactured with the aim to safeguard your car’s window from paint damage.

Maintains Resale Value

We ensure to maintain your car’s value so that you can always sell it at a good price.

Heals Minor Scratches

Our paint protection film is excellent for healing and concealing minor scratches.

Reduces Door Dings

Choose our services if you want to eliminate door dings on your Tesla.

Saves money

Our services are undoubtedly a money-saving investment for all Tesla owners.


As noted in our detailed review on Tesla Paint Problems, the “soft paintwork” requires protection to maintain the gloss finish of the car and to prevent damages from environmental and physical elements. One of the best ways to protect Tesla’s paintwork, and other exterior parts, is by using a paint protection film (PPF).

A Paint Protection Film, such as Clear Bra, is a polyurethane-based film that can be installed on the most vulnerable parts of your car or the entire exterior surface. It is the best form of protection available against physical and environmental elements including rock chips, UV oxidation, dust, chemical contaminants, bird droppings, hard water salts, acidic rain and many other harsh elements.

Benefits of Tesla Paint Protection Film

Tesla paint protection comes with a wide range of benefits. The ultimate goal of it is to make your car’s painted surfaces looking as sophisticated and luxurious as possible. From powerful protection against various elements to an extravagant appearance, this film does it all!

Keeps Tesla Looking New and Shiny

Want to keep your Tesla looking as shiny and new as the day you drove off the dealer's lot? Whether you are driving a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y, Paint Protection Film (PPF) provides a permanent protective coat over your car’s paint, which helps you in keeping your Tesla look new and shiny for a lot longer. Paint protection prevents your Tesla’s paint from fading and gives it a polished glossy appearance at all times.

Retains Your Tesla’s Resale Value

Even small scratches and dings can seriously detract from your Tesla’s appearance, but did you know they can hurt your Tesla’s resale value, too? The more scratches you have and the deeper they are, the less you’ll get for your Tesla when you’re ready to trade it in. Even if your Tesla runs well, a poor appearance can reduce its resale value or deter customers completely.


Makes Cleaning Your Tesla Easier

Another benefit of Tesla paint protection film is how it prevents dust build-up from occurring. Believe it or not, adding film to your Tesla's exterior won’t make it harder to clean. Instead, it will actually make it easier to clean. Many use cleaners with harsh cleaners to tackle any grime but this leads to discoloration. Instead, PPF protects damage as it acts as a chemical barrier for your Tesla’s exterior.

Invisible Protection for Your Tesla

PPF has a high resistance to impact and abrasion. For instance, it protects your vehicle from rock chips, acid rain, and minor wearing, which is fantastic for those who want to uphold their Tesla’s appearance.

Its invisibility is also a significant plus especially as it enhances your Tesla’s paintwork and gives it a glossy finish. The material is also flexible so it can return to its natural state after being stretched or disfigured.


it can be installed in three different ways

partial front

On the entire exterior of your car which offers maximum protection

full front

On only the susceptible parts of car including the front bumper, hood, etc.

entire Tesla exterior

On the entire Tesla’s exterior with a ceramic coating on top of it.


We all know it’s true – you love your new Tesla!

You love the handling, the driving, the look, the feel, and everything else unique in owning one of the sharpest cars and brands available on the auto market.

But if you aren’t careful, you may find yourself running into problems down the road. The shiny finish of a new car never lasts, and sadly Tesla’s are no exception to this rule.