Tesla Model 3 Tint Cost

Tesla Model 3 Tint Cost

How much to tint tesla model 3?

How much to tint a tesla model 3? The right answer for Tesla Model 3 Tint Cost is it depends! but you can expect something between $400 to $1200 for full car tinting as

The cost of Model 3 window tint varies depending on many factors like the window tint film you choose for it! But what does not vary is the worthwhile investment you are making when you tint your Model 3. let’s check out together the factors of tesla model 3 window tint cost variation:

Window Tint Film Material For Tesla Model 3

There are five types of window tint film you can use to tint your Tesla Model 3 (Dyed, Metalized, Hybrid, Carbon, and Ceramic). But the best type of tint film for Tesla model 3 is the ceramic tint so far!

Ceramic tint is the best kind of tint film because it has a tiny ceramic particle that blocks 50% more heat than other regular car window tint films. In addition, this car window tint film is highly shatter-proof and allows cell phone usage with no problem! it is the best tint and most technologically advanced tint available today.

Other types might be cheaper but they will cost you more in the long run. Cheap material will not look great in 5 years!

Tint Film Brand for Tesla Model 3

There are so many brands in the tint market today, Xpel, 3M, Lumar Films, Hyper Optics, Suntek…..etc. And every tint brand has multiple options. So choose carefully!

According to the Tesla owners community in California, the best tint film brand for Teslas is XPEL XR PLUS.

PRIME XR PLUS automotive window tint combines a cool look with extreme performance. Rejecting 98% of infrared heat with multi-layer nanoparticle technology. It will keep your Tesla Model 3 comfortable and protected in all types of weather.

Your Location

The cost to tint tesla model 3 largely depends on where you live. Tint pricing in California is probably around twice what you might pay in the other cheapest state.

Tesla Model 3 window tint cost in Houston Texas is for sure different than the tesla model 3 window tint cost in orange county! So The cost of living where you want to tint your Tesla Model 3 is a huge factor!

Tint Coverage For Tesla Model 3

How many windows did you want to tint? 2 Windows? Four Windows? Windshield? Moon Roof? Back Windows? The tint coverage plays a big role in tesla model 3 window tint cost. Overall, you can expect the job to cost around $1000 to cover all glass with the highest grade ceramic tint.

The quality of the installation

Picking the right tint shop for your Tesla Model 3 is essential! Make sure they’ve worked with tons of Teslas. Familiar with the electronics. Familiar with the giant back glass. Are they familiar with Teslas? Do they have authorized installers? Read their Yelp reviews to see if they actually honor this. Do they offer a tint warranty? Triple check that they know how to protect the electronics under the dashboard when tinting the windshield.

You have already spent a good chunk of money purchasing your Tesla Model 3 so make sure to pick a tint shop that cares and with a good reputation!

Top Reasons To tint your Tesla Model 3

If you own a Model 3 Tesla, you care a lot about driving a safe car and cutting down on the expenses of powering a vehicle.

Tinting your Tesla model 3’s windows Can Increase the driving range. Solar heat can activate your Tesla cabin overheat protection and drain the battery. Tinting the windows keeps your cabin cool and increases battery life. That was one of the reasons, lets’s check other top reasons to tint your Tesla Model 3

  • UV reduction – The tint is more comfortable, and also protects you and your car interior from heat/UV rays.
  • Design/aesthetics – looks nicer and matches your window coloring better between the side and top glass. Tinting will Improves Vehicle Appearance.
  • Privacy – some people feel so naked/vulnerable, like a fishbowl when sitting in traffic. Getting a tint doesn’t make you feel so naked.
  • Reduces glare – reduces window glare to help you see better in certain angles of the sun and drive safer.

Choose TINTIX, Choose High Quality!

If you’re living near Brentwood, California, choose Tintix.

TINTIX is California’s premier window tinting company for Tesla cars and SUVs. We select each window film based on our client’s needs. Whether you are wanting window tinting to provide UV or heat rejection or just to enhance the look of your Tesla, our professionally trained installers will custom cut the window films to perfectly fit your vehicle’s windows.

TINTIX partners with XPEL to bring you the highest-grade protective films available for your Model 3 Tesla. Bring your Model 3 down to TINTIX, and you’ll get the specialized installation of window tint, paint protection, and ceramic coating by experienced professionals. We love what we do and it shows!


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