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What Is Tesla ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating is a paint protection liquid that is applied on top of existing vehicle paintwork, this additional coating helps to keep the underlying paint surface protected and looking its best for many years.

The simplest analogy is to think of a ceramic coating as a non-stick surface that you might find on a frying pan but that is completely clear, it basically stops things from sticking (e.g. road dirt, tar spots etc).

The technology originated from NASA to protect things in space, these coatings offer automotive surfaces protection from acid rain, freezing rain, harsh wash chemicals and direct sunlight as well as the following benefits:

They form strong chemical bonds with substrates at the atomic level so these coatings cannot be removed using paint cleaners or pressure washers; they will not wash away in a storm like some waxes: they are inherently extremely durable.

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Ceramic Coatings protect your Tesla from

Ceramic Coating for Tesla vehicles is an extremely important level of protection to consider for your vehicle. Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings can protect your Tesla from:

chemical damage

tree sap


uv damage

bird poop

iron deposits

chemical damage

tree sap


uv damage

bird poop

iron deposits

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Why Tesla Ceramic Coating?

Are you considering having your Tesla protected and/or customized? TINTIX is a premium automotive salon located in Brentwood, CA. And Plano, TX.

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We are accredited and certified to offer Ceramic Pro Sport Ceramic Coatings. one of the absolute best coatings on the market with unique benefits that far outweigh wax or paint sealants, designed to protect your Tesla with meticulous precision.

the Benefits of a Tesla Ceramic Coating

When a ceramic coating is applied, it creates a permanent bond with your Tesla’s paintwork. This has a wide range of benefits which include:

Minimizes maintenance

Without a ceramic coating, you are required to apply wax, which offers lower protection, every few months to maintain your paintwork. With a ceramic coating, the regular maintenance is not necessary as it forms a permanent shield.

depth and shine

Enhances and maintains the paint’s depth and shine. If your car was already dull due to UV oxidation, polishing exposes the underlying pristine layer which is polished to restore your paints gloss finish. The ceramic coating is then applied for protection.

It’s super-hydrophobic

This means that it repels water. It’s one of the most substantial benefits associated with ceramic coatings. This feature makes it hard for dirt and grime to stick on your car’s surface and makes your cleaning sessions easier.

Protect from UV

It creates a protective barrier against damage by elements including UV oxidation, bird’s droppings, acid rain, hard water deposits, chemical contaminants, and other damaging substances.

look and durability

Interior ceramic coating on your leather, carpet, vinyl, and all other interior surfaces increases the look and durability of these components.

Is it worth the money?

Absolutely YES, The person applying should also do a full detail first on the paintwork to ensure the paintwork and the clear coat is in the best possible state prior to application (make sure this is being done). It should last roughly 5-10 years and is 100% worth it.

While we’d like to quickly answer with a resounding YES – it really depends on the type of ceramic coating, the condition of your car’s paint surface, and the application. The range of ceramic coat products for cars ranges from watered-down, back-engineered knock-offs to spray waxes infused with microscopic levels ceramic ingredients.

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