Tesla Ceramic Coating

You are starting to see more vehicles with that iconic Tesla “T” cruise the streets in every state. When owning a vehicle that does not have a traditional engine or engine compartment, you need an automotive detailer with extensive experience in coating your Roadster or Model X.

Tesla paint has been heavily criticised as being fragile "soft." Since the cars are manufactured over the pond in the USA in Brentwood, California, the environmental requirements are quite strict and the result is the Tesla's paint is not as "hard" as the paint finishes with other cars. As a result of these owners of Tesla, Cars have been disappointed with the finish of the paint even only after a couple of months or as little as 1000 miles with their Tesla Model S been covered in swirl marks, light scratches and a grey haze over the paintwork which has dulled the true colour of the Tesla's paintwork.