You don't need to wait at our shop while we take care of your vehicle. With our shuttle service, you can leave your car with us and get on with your day- hassle-free!

Free Pick-up/Drop-off Shuttle Service!

Tinting your car windows is always a great investment. Whether you want to make your car look sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, or you want to maintain better thermal efficiency in your vehicle due to restricted heat exchange, the benefits of tinting your car’s windows are numerous.

However, today's busy lifestyles can make finding the time to tint your windows very challenging.

Here at Tintix's Brentwood location, we provide a luxurious shuttle service (with a pick-up and drop-off service) for free!

With Tintix's Window Tinting shuttle service, there is no need to take time off work. You can head right back to the office or relax in the comfort of your own home while our technician is tinting your vehicle. With Tintix's Shuttle Service you save valuable time and money!

Instead of sitting and waiting in our shop, you can quickly and easily get on with your day. All you have to do is book your appointment, drop off your car at our Brentwood location, and we will drive you wherever you need to go. We will also bring your car to you when it's done. 

At Tintix our ultimate objective is to provide quality service to our customers so that they always feel comfortable and satisfied.