Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection Film PPF (1)

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benefits of Car PPF

PPF which is urethane clear film is highly resistant to acidic contaminants and corrosion, providing protection against bug splatter, bird droppings, mineral deposits, acid rain…etc. The unique material also helps it to reduce oxidization due to excessive exposure to the sun or UV light.

The top layer of the PPF is comprised of an elastomeric polymer substance that helps the material maintain a natural shape once it’s been stretched or applied. This feature allows the PPF to “self-heal” when light scratches occur. It also minimizes future swirl marks on the paint job – which makes it an amazing clear paint protection product.

professional paint protection is something that every car owner should look into. Drive your car with pride while you own it, and when the time comes to sell it, sell your car for the best price.

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