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When it comes to high-quality, professionally-installed car window tint, car wrapping, PPF installation, Ceramic coating, & Auto detailing in Plano, there's only one name you need to know: TINTIX.
We are known for our excellence in product knowledge, installation, and customer service. 


Why Get Tinted Car Windows in Plano?


Cars and trucks in Plano require a variety of speciality glass window tinting services, such as: tinted glass windows, car security window film, decorative films, privacy tinting and much more.

At Tintix, our skilled window tinters have the ability to install car window film and custom window tints for our customers with same day service. 

Tintix is a premier source for window tinting in Plano, TX. We take pride in our reputation, quality and service.  We look forward to helping you with all your window tinting needs. 

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Window Tinting Benefits

Window tinting on your vehicle is not only cosmetic, it can benefit you and your loved ones via:


The first and most important benefit of having car window film fitted to your vehicle windows is that it protects your children, family and pets from 99% of the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.


 Having tinted windows is that it helps reduce the heat inside your vehicle by up to 50%.


Window tint films modernize your car. Many brand new cars now come with factory fitted privacy glass to the rear of the vehicle as standard


Improves the viewing of TV screens inside your car by minimising glare.


Car window film tinting can hide your internal possession and fitments including new multimedia entertainment


Window tinting film helps to prevent the interior fabrics and furnishings from deteriorating and fading.


Window Tinting films hold the glass in place therefore improving your security and safety.

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Tintix Automotive Window Tint in Plano


We provide professional window tinting. Specializing in exotic and high-end automobiles, Tintix Window Tinting is trusted by car dealerships, celebrities and athletes around Plano, Texas.

Trust your Plano Tintix dealer to install high-quality tint. With window tinting for your car or truck, you can help save on energy costs, drive in comfort, and live stylishly. Tintix window tints have offered a superior, one-of-a-kind protection from the sun’s heat and destructive rays. Tintix has been carefully selected and certified in order to provide you with a wonderful estimate and installation experience. Come by Tintix in Plano for a fast and free window tinting estimate today!


Best Car Window Tint Installer in Plano


When shopping for window tint in Plano, visit a dealer you can trust to complete the project on time and on budget. Whether you’re looking to tint the windows of your Truck or Car, you’ll find a variety of high-quality tint shades when you visit our Plano location.

Our custom window tint is always specially measured and cut for your car to ensure a flawless fit every time.

Lower-grade window films may peel, change colour, or bubble, but you don't need to worry about that with our films! We use the best tint films in town that are meant to last.


Customize Your Ride & Drive Cooler

Continued exposure to sunlight and heat in Plano can damage the interior of your car, especially in the long-term, and cause the upholstery or dash to crack, peel, or fade. Tintix for window tint offers the ultimate protection and value for today’s drivers.

Tinting your car windows means better shielding the interior of your car, plus your passengers, from the sun troublesome heat and glare. Choose from Tintix Plano branch a full line of automotive window tint shades, ranging from clear to dark charcoal.

Note that the level of darkness you select for your car windows may be limited by the laws in your state. Contact us or stop by today to learn more about the car window tinting options!


Why TINTIX Plano?


Our window film technicians have applied car window tint for more than 5000 cars in Plano so far!

Automotive window filming is always carried out in a controlled environment to ensure that the finish is perfect.

We remove all moving glass parts from the vehicle before we install the film so that the film reaches the very edge of the glass. This ensures that the film will not peel and that there won't be an unsightly unfilmed perimeter around the glass.

Here at Tintix Plano branch we supply and fit premium quality automotive window film and we are proud to say that we provide a guarantee that the product won't peel.

We supply a wide range of different shades of tint to suit your vehicle, your needs, and your taste. We have light and medium smoke, which are quite subtle, and we have dark smoke, which matches factory privacy glass and is the most popular choice because it provides that extra bit of privacy. We also have limo, which provides maximum privacy and security for rear passengers.

We also have a clear UVA protection film that can be applied to your front doors so that the driver and passenger are protected from the sun.


Trust Our Professional Window Tinting Services in Plano

Get your window tinting installed just the way you want it with our professional window tinting services in Plano. We offer an impressive collection of window tint and films that are guaranteed to last very long without peeling, bubbling, or losing color.

Our car tinting installation services are customized to your specific preferences based on the type of vehicle you want us to work on. Whether it is a truck, car, SUV, or any other type of vehicle, you can be sure that your car will look sleeker and cooler.

Our tinting services will improve your driving experience, boost the value of your car, and help protect your car's interior.


The Best Installation & Coverage in Plano


We adhere to a national standard of car window tint excellence, so we only employ the most experienced and professional car window tint installers. Each of our Tintix car window tinting professionals has years of tint installation experience so you can count on us for expert window tinting done right the first time.

We are confident in our product and service and promise satisfaction. This is why each window tinting package we offer includes our nationwide warranty.

Tintix® Provides The Best Solar Window Tinting In Plano

Automobile front windshields are aerodynamically slanted back, allowing direct sunlight into the vehicle, and exposing the skin and eyes of drivers and passengers. Without solar window tint installed, unwanted solar rays can lead to interior damage, unsafe glare, and even adverse medical effects for you and passengers.

Thankfully, Tintix® Protective Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film have been specifically designed to solve these problems. Our specialized solar window tint allows crystal clear visibility with over 75% visible light transmittance, but blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful, damaging ultraviolet light rays. Solar window tint also provides over 40% heat reduction of the total solar heat energy that enters through your windshield, but without the traditional dark look of tinted glass.

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