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Car PPF or Automotive Paint Protection Films go by many different names: Clear Bra, Clear Mask, Invisible Shield, Clear Wrap, Rock Chip Protection, Car Scratch Protective Film, etc. The most common terms for car protective films are simply Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra.

PPF is a thermoplastic urethane often self healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

Paint protection film is installed on a limited basis by manufacturers on various pieces of cars at the factory, This film is most commonly applied to high impact areas of vehicles. The PPF is generally installed by certified trained professionals who receive supplies from outside distributors and dealers.

high Gloss

Hydrophobic Property

Self Healing

Corrosion Resistance

Anti Yellowing

Anti Scratches

benefits of Car PPF

The PPF which is urethane clear film is highly resistant to acidic contaminants and corrosion, providing protection against bug splatter, bird droppings, mineral deposits, acid rain…etc. The unique material also helps it to reduce oxidization due to excessive exposure to the sun or UV light.

The top layer of the PPF is comprised of an elastomeric polymer substance that helps the material maintain a natural shape once it’s been stretched or applied. This feature allows the PPF to “self-heal” when light scratches occur. It also minimizes future swirl marks on the paint job – which makes it an amazing clear paint protection product.

professional paint protection is something that every car owner should look into. Drive your car with pride while you own it, and when the time comes to sell it, sell your car for the best price.

Keeps car new and shiny

PPF provides a permanent protective coat over your car’s paint, which helps you in keeping your car’s look new and shiny for a lot longer. Paint protection prevents your car’s paint from fading and gives it a polished glossy appearance at all times.

Makes car cleaning easier

PPF repels dust, so your car’s exterior will not have a dust build-up problem. This makes the cleaning job a lot easier because often you can simply use a soft cloth to clean your car instead of using water every time.

Retains car resale value

Used car buyers put great emphasis on the appearance of the vehicle. Even if your car runs smoothly, poor appearance can significantly lower its resale value. Paint protection is important to retain your car’s resale value as it protects your exterior from environmental and superficial damage.

Repels environmental damage

Harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your car’s paint and make it look old too soon. Paint protection not only prevents your paint from UV rays, but also from scratches, rust, nicks, burns, etc…

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Protect from scratches and chemicals

Scratches build up moisture which eventually leads to rust. Similarly, chemicals from harsh cleaners and environmental elements lead to discolouration. PPF protects this damage by acting as a chemical barrier for your car’s exterior.

Invisible protection for car

The best thing about PPF is that it’s completely invisible; no one would notice it. Paint protection will enhance the look of your car and keep its glossy finish. As long as you avoid harsh cleaners, you can clean your car like you normally would.

Saves money

PPF repels dust, so your car’s exterior will not have a dust build-up problem. This makes the cleaning job a lot easier because often you can simply use a soft cloth to clean your car instead of using water every time.

TYPE of ppf for Cars

Paint protection films – PPF – can be applied to areas of your car’s body where the paint may become scratched or nicked. Some vehicle owners will apply the film to the front of their vehicle to protect the paint from stone chips, sticky bug grime, and other debris. It can also be applied elsewhere on the car where the paint may become damaged, such as behind door handles or on the rocker panels.

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XPEL Clear Paint Protection Film

XPEL is a well-known purveyor of automotive paint protection products and we’d comfortably suggest its paint protection film to any vehicle owner. 


Endless Possibilities! XPEL paint protection films are available in a wide variety of widths and lengths that are perfect for any project. From cars to trucks, to motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and more, XPEL films has you covered no matter what you need to protect.

We pride ourselves in our diverse range of XPEL products. XPEL films have been specifically formulated for peak performance abroad, offering clients the level of protection & finish quality they expect.

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