Is Car PPF Worth It?

IS PPF worth it?

Is PPF worth it? Before answering this, let’s start with “What is PPF for cars“?

PPF (an abbreviation for this super paint protection film) is a polyurethane-based substance. It’s transparent, and with some elevated brands, it can instantly heal if the top layer is scratched.

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Now let’s go back to the main question here:

Is it worth getting paint protection film?

As Paint Protection Film (PPF) for vehicle protection becomes increasingly popular, many people question whether it’s worth the investment. As industry professionals with thousands of automobiles installed over the years here in Brentwood, CA, we have some conclusions about paint protection film and its value to advise your decision. So

When it comes to providing a protective cover for your vehicle’s paint, you can apply many options. A clear coat alone may not do an excellent job of providing defense to your vehicle’s color because it has its drawbacks and inherent weaknesses. That’s why Paint Protection Film has become very popular, and it’s in high demand because of its effectiveness in protecting the paintings in vehicles.

Is it worth to invest in ppf?

Investing in a paint protection film will ultimately enable the painting and other auto body parts of your new car to stay protected. Other reasons why PPF is a worthy investment:

It helps in maintaining shiny paint.

Suppose you’re a type of car owner who wishes to maintain shiny paint. In that case, a paint protection film is worth it, and this is also a wise investment if you want to avoid having a conspicuously fading auto-body painting. The value of your car will remain higher, and you will also be able to maintain its good appearance.

PPF is highly durable.

If you invest in a quality PPF, you will enjoy all its benefits for a long time. A good PPF from the leading brands can last up to 10 years when applied correctly. All you need to do is find PPF installers or detailers with the best experience.

Produces an enhanced finish.

PPF maintains the shiny paint of your car. Experienced professional technicians will produce quality and enhanced finish.

High-temperature resistance.

PPF has heat shielding features that enable it to block IR and UV from reaching the painted surfaces of a car exterior. This brilliant feature prevents headlights and side mirrors from fading or fogging. This helps in maintaining excellent visibility every time you ride your car.

Superior protection against corrosion and chemicals.

Paint protection films are infused with four layers that prevent chemicals and other contaminants from penetrating the painted surfaces. This is in addition to minimizing the damage caused by rock chips and providing superior resistance to stains.

Instant healing of minor scratches.

It is easy to fix minor scratches if your car has PPF. A detailer repair minor damages by simply blowing a heat gun or applying direct heat on the areas with minor scratches.

Maintain the high value of the car.

Whether you’re planning to sell your car or not, paint protection films help maintain value. If you’re keen on selling your vehicle, applying PPF to it is a wise and beneficial investment that will enable you to fetch a good price for your vehicle or even a truck.

Best PPF on cars

Our experts are certified and have attended numerous training seminars, and continue to receive yearly updates from Xpel and other high-end installers. TINTIX is the only paint protection film installation firm that provides ongoing training for its installers—all of the manufacturers we employ for our paint protection film offer ten-year guarantees. We are so confident in the brands we install that we back the warranty with a lifetime warranty.

So, if you’re searching for an honest, manufacturer-trained, and knowledgeable, clear bra installer for your next paint protection Film Installation, give us a call or head to our booking section to keep your paint looking as new as the day you drove away from the new car dealership.

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