Is ceramic coating worth it?

In the detailing industry nowadays, the term “ceramic coating” is used loosely and sometimes not accurate. So what is the ceramic coating? A true ceramic is a high solid coating. This means that once it’s applied, it chemically bonds to the surface and increases surface hardness; much like a clear coat from the factory on top of the paint. A simple way to explain how a coating works is to imagine it like this…a coating is a liquid that becomes a solid. This liquid is applied carefully and then bonds to the surface. This creates a strong, protective or sacrificial layer over your vehicle’s paint.

Standard factory-applied clear coat typically ranks around a 3h or 4h on the pencil hardness scale (a basic metric for determining the resistance/hardness of materials). On this same scale, most ceramic coatings rank around 8h or 9h, making ceramic about 3 times more durable than regular clear coat alone! Some companies state that your vehicle will never scratch again. This is not entirely true, coatings do provide increased scratch resistance. If it does infract scratch, the coating has done its job. It is also important to note the fact that any kind of contact may cause minor surface scratching.