Interior Ceramic Coating

An often overlooked aspect of maintaining your car is caring for the interior surfaces. You may not be able to buff plastic to a glossy sheen, but you’ll be spending most of your time inside the car so it pays off to have a clean and well-maintained interior!

Here at Tintix, we often find people surprised when we tell them we can also ceramic coat the interior of their vehicles. This is why I’m putting together this information for you all to understand the benefits and what we actually can do. At Tintix Brentwood & Tintix Plano we can ceramic coat leather, fabric, plastics, rubbers, and carpets on the interior of your vehicle. The bigger question is why though?

When it comes to maintaining a vehicle’s interior it’s all about protection. Protection makes the interiors easier to maintain because dirt buildup struggles to stick to a protected surface.

Things like leather and plastics need regular conditioning. The biggest reason is our all-mighty recycler….the sun. The sun causes UV damage and is literally responsible for destroying anything that has long term exposure to it. You wouldn’t sit out in the hot sun for days at a time because it burns your skin right? The same is true for unprotected interior surfaces!

Benefits of Interior Ceramic Coating

1. Interior Ceramic Coatings Defend Surfaces from Spills and Stains A premium interior coating creates a hydrophobic barrier over the surface it protects. That means when the liquid comes in contact with the surface, it beads and slides off rather than being absorbed.