How Much Does PPF Cost For A Car

How much does PPF costs for a car

How Much Does Car PPF Cost?

How much does PPF cost for a car? Well, the short answer is:

You can expect the cost to put paint protection film on the front of the car to be between $1400 and $4500, depending on how many panels you want to be covered and the condition of your vehicle.

If you want to protect your entire car, expect the cost of full body paint protection film is anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000.

We know quality comes with a price, but we know how you feel about the cost of Paint Protection Film, and you just can’t grasp the idea of paying that much for what looks like a clear piece of plastic on your car!

Sure, spending a couple of grand on your car might sound steep at first,
but considering it can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to your car over the next five years,
not to mention the added value that it brings if you plan to sell it, we would say that paint protection film is a worthy investment.

We get asked, “How much will it cost to get good-quality car dealership paint protection applied to my car?” or “how much does ppf cost for a car?”.

Our answer is usually, “It depends.”

Because PPF pricing is all over the place, we have decided to approach the subject of paint protection price and the quality ratio to give you an idea of the factors that influence the costs of installing and applying PPF on your vehicle.

PPF Pricing Factors

There are four main factors when it comes to knowing how much does ppf cost for a car
and the whole pricing for the paint protection film installation process:

The Condition Of Your Vehicle Before PPF

Every PPF install begins with prep work on the car because a vehicle’s paint must be flawless before any permanent protection is applied.

PPF is a sacrificial layer and was designed to preserve the paint of your vehicle.

Preferably, the finish of your paint should be swirl-free, rock chip-free, and free of any imperfections.

Even if your vehicle is brand new, it may have swirl marks, holograms, defects in the paint, minor scratches, and other imperfections that need to be removed before PPF.

If your vehicle has existing damages, installing PPF is like painting a dirty house. What’s the point? The first step in any PPF installation is the Paint Correction process.

We get cars in our shop all the time that come straight from the dealership and already have a host of paint defects and swirl marks.
And when a car like that shows up for permanent protection, whoever installs that PPF will have to spend a lot of time preparing the paint before they can put any film on.

So the first thing your Paint Protection Film installer is going to consider is the condition of your vehicle.
They’ll then determine how much they need to charge for prep work.

How Much PPF Coverage Are You Looking For?

The most critical element in determining the price is the level of coverage you want for your car.

When it comes to coverage, most will opt to cover only the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle.
Some car owners want PPF on certain parts of their vehicle, like the hood, rear-wheel arch, front bumper, and rocker panels.
While other vehicle owners want to cover every exterior surface with a paint protection film,
However, almost all of our clients prefer Full Front End PPF coverage.

The coverage you choose will determine the manpower needed to complete your PPF project.

Various businesses have different pricing methods for labor.
The typical approach to knowing how much ppf costs for a car is to take a percentage
of the material prices and the amount of time required.

Check out our simulator to know more about PPF coverage:

PPF + Tint Simulator

The level of difficulty for PPF Coverage

Another factor that could make a difference in your Paint Protection Film installation price is how difficult it will be to apply Paint Protection Film to your specific car.

A paint protection film obviously is a two-dimensional piece of material that has to be shaped or molded around a three-dimensional object.
It has to be manipulated to go around all of the curves and contours of your car.

Complex cars such as the Mercedes, Tesla, or even exotics like Lamborghinis and Ferraris cars with complex design features and sharp contours are much more difficult to install PPF on, therefore taking more time.

The complexity of your vehicle is definitely a huge factor when it comes to pricing. There is no one size fits all.

While modern PPF installation utilizes software and digital patterns, some specific makes and models aren’t available within the PPF software.
This will require the PPF installer to have the knowledge to create custom patterns and ensure maximum coverage and protection for cars.

So definitely, the complexity of the PPF coverage will affect PPF pricing.

More Protection For Your Vehicle

‍On top of popular coverages such as the Front Full Front End or Partial Front End, some of our clients opt for additional coverage as well.
This could be the luggage strip, A/B pillars, or the rocker panels.
This will add an additional cost to PPF installation.

Lastly, many Paint Protection Film shops sell other services or products that you may want to bundle with your Paint Protection Film.
The most common are Window Tint and Ceramic Coating.

If you are interested in those services, it’s nice to have it done all in one place, but of course, that will impact your total bill.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film for cars

If you’re considering investing in a paint protection film to preserve your new car in immaculate condition, there are many benefits to consider.

Here are six benefits to install paint protection film on your precious automobile:

  1. Paint Protection Film Retains a Car’s Resale Value
  2. PPF Keeps Your Car Looking Brand New
  3. Paint Protection Film Repels Damage
  4. Extends the Service Life
  5. PPF Offers Invisible Protection
  6. Paint Protection Film is Cost-Effective
  7. Paint Protection Film is Easy to Remove


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