Does tinted windows keep car cooler?

Does Tinted Windows keep your car cooler

Do tinted windows make cars cooler?

Do tinted windows keep cars cooler?
The short answer is yes, car window tint does reduce thermal rays and, therefore, heat. In fact, that’s one of the top reasons for tinting windows in your vehicle.

Tinted windows have been shown to be effective at cooling the temperature inside your car. They provide an affordable, energy-efficient way to keep your car interior cool on hot summer days while also blocking out up to 80% of harmful UV rays which have been linked to causing skin cancer.

To claim that Brentwood California gets hotter in the summer could probably be one of the greatest understatements one could make about the region. Between the intense sun and its triple-digit uncomfortable temperatures, California & Texas can effortlessly turn cars on parking lots into moving ovens. And almost every driver around the world knows that incoming heat can ruin a lot of things for them like the car’s interior. With that in mind, they are more than willing to do anything they can to keep their cars cool. Yet despite this mindset, a lot of them still ask the question: does window tint really keep cars cooler?

Does Window Tint Help Keep Your Car Cooler?

Fortunately, tinted windows do not only block visible light; they block ultraviolet and infrared light as well. Both ultraviolet and infrared light can heat your vehicle. By blocking these two types of light, tinted windows actually make your car cooler. An important side notes: ultraviolet light is the type of light most commonly associated with skin cancer. By blocking ultraviolet light, tinted windows can actually reduce your risk of contracting this horrible disease. This is another good reason for purchasing tinted windows.

How much heat does window tinting block? The answer is, “a lot.” While the exact amount varies from car to car, standard window tint reduces heat by 35-45%, while premium tint blocks 75-80% of infrared and ultraviolet rays. These heat blocking capabilities make for a much more comfortable ride for you and your passengers–and you don’t have to waste precious gas by cranking up the air conditioning.

Of course, tinted windows don’t just block heat while the car is moving; they block heat while the car is parked in a blazing parking lot as well. You know that awful feeling when you open the windows to a stifling hot car? With tinted windows, you can kiss that feeling goodbye. No more waiting around for the car to cool off.

So, Does Window Films Actually Keep Cars Cool?

Absolutely, yes. Tinting your car’s windows will help keep your car more comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. But that doesn’t mean it’s the be-all-end-all option.

Tinting helps keep your car cooler, but there’s always more you can do to keep the heat out of your ride. Use reflective window screens in the windshield and rear window. And whenever possible, try to park in the shade. These steps will help the window tint perform more effectively while blocking out more of those harmful UV rays. Remember, the less sun that gets through your windows, the cooler your car will stay

Tinted windows can reduce the presence of heat-causing ultraviolet and infrared light rays by a significant amount—the difference will be noticeable. As an added bonus, tinted windows will give you a sense of privacy while driving your car. While you will need help applying tinted windows to your vehicle, that help does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Quality, affordable tinted window installation services are available, even for premium tints. This is why tinted windows have experienced a surge in popularity lately. To experience these benefits for yourself, stop by your local TINTIX shop:


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