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What Is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating initially gained popularity as a professional service provided by detailing shops like us Tintix, but they’ve lately become more widely available, more affordable, and easier to use. Depending on how serious you take your car care, some ceramic treatments come in concentrate kits, others come as hybrid waxes, and others are sold as no-work wet sprays. 

Are you asking, what is a ceramic coating? or what is a ceramic coating for cars?

Ok, True ceramic coating is a long-term nanoscopic exterior automotive paint treatment and protectant that is applied in a liquid form and cures to form a hard layer on top of the paint. Essentially, it's the candy shell that protects the paint's delicious chocolate center.

Ceramic coating is typically composed of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02), which is sourced from natural materials such as quartz and sand. Some types and brands also use titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02) as an additional hardening agent. When applied to a car's paint, the two create a chemical bond with hydrophobic, aka water-repellent, properties.


The ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner for longer. After application, it also makes follow-up car washes easier and shields the car from harmful UV rays. Ceramic coating creates intense water beading and dirt run-off and gives a car an extremely glossy shine.



Take anything that contains chemical compounds and you are looking at a resilient solution. Same goes for ceramic coating, which is both permanent and easier to clean once applied.

Over the past few years, its popularity has only risen in and around the Brentwood, California, Plano, Texas and Houston areas. Reviews from both users and auto industry experts have been extremely positive.

A look at our own records of the past years here at TINTIX gives us a good idea about car users’ general willingness to try out this superb protection for their car.

here are a few more reasons to apply the ceramic coating in your car.


Protection from Harmful UV Rays

You can only imagine the damage that the sun’s harmful UV rays can do to your car’s paint job. Ceramic coating will protect your car’s paint from oxidizing, preventing it from fading and wearing a dull look. This is absolutely critical if you park your car outside.


Easier to clean

When it comes to waxing and other types of detailing, washing your car becomes a headache. With ceramic coating, you don’t have to worry about the polymer wearing off. (Incidentally, removing it completely requires another process involving a polishing and wet-sanding.)

Not only does it blend with your car’s paint but also repels water. This means that all water-based dirt and grime will bead on the surface and eventually slide off. A quick jet wash afterwards and you have yourself a spotless, ageless car.


Better than waxing

Earlier, cars were given that extra shine by waxing. However, waxing is temporary and will eventually wear off. Both waxing and ceramic coating takes a considerable amount of time to be applied. But in the long run, the ceramic coating is better than waxing due to its long life and better finish


Protection from Chemical Stains


Chemical stains arising from acidic contaminants in the air is another potential damage to your car. A ceramic coating will prevent these contaminants from bonding into the paint. With air pollution rate only rising in the city, the ceramic coating can be a huge relief.


Candy-Like Gloss

This is where the aesthetics of all car owners will love. Much like car bra, the ceramic coating also glosses and depth into your car’s paint. It will give your car a glossy look, bringing the best out of the original paint job.


Lasts Longer


Ceramic coating also lasts longer than regular paint. Since the coating is infused with the stock paint due to strong chemical bonding, the protection stays put even under heavy shocks and vibrations.


Unlike traditional coatings, which are typically concocted from polymer resins, a ceramic coating is silicon dioxide or silica (SiO2) based. Commonly derived from quartz crystals and sand, silica creates an invisible, extremely resilient “nanotechnology coating” when combined with elements like titanium dioxide, poly silazane, triethanolamine, water, and various other ingredients. Once cured atop a hard surface, this viscous liquid forms a crystal-clear shell, a product that is referred to as a nano-ceramic coating, or ceramic coating for short.



Every product in the world has drawbacks. Whether they are deal-breakers or not is for us to decide. These are just things that ceramic coating just does not promise to do.

  • Protection from All Types of Scratches and Swirl Marks
    Ceramic coating will not protect your car from the usual threats: scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips. Despite its blending properties, it still retains the characteristics of paint. This is why you should still expect your car to be at the receiving end of these common, undesirable elements.

    For protection from scratches and chipping, you should opt for the more advanced paint protection film.

  • Protection from Water Spotting
    After the application of the ceramic coating, water-based contaminants will bead on your car’s surface and eventually slide off. But they still contain natural minerals and soluble particles that will stay on the surface after the water has evaporated.

    Ceramic coating cannot get rid of the water spots that are produced as a result, the removal of which will require a far more hands-on approach.

  • Stop the Need for Car Wash
    You will still need to regularly wash your car. A layer of the ceramic coating does not give your car superpowers to auto-clean itself. While we are all waiting for a miracle product that would do that, for now, let’s focus on the bright side of ceramic coating.


Real garages and detail companies like us TINTIX, have all the right facilities, products, tools, and resources for the job and take the proper time to make sure the vehicle is 100% prepared for a ceramic coating. Because of our level of attention to detail, ceramic coating jobs can take days and cost from several hundreds of dollars to a couple thousand.

A pro ceramic coating product that we use in TINTIX is an ultra-high-end sealant that must be applied by highly skilled, certified professionals. This translates to the need for controlled environments, expensive equipment, and highly trained staff members, which in turn, translates to installation costs.

The fact remains that most cars require quite a bit of prep work before they are ready to receive a ceramic coating. This means scrubbing down surfaces with a clay bar, a ton of isopropyl alcohol spraying and microfiber polishing. as ceramic coating takes a back seat to surface prep. 

The installation of a pro ceramic coating takes around Seven days to complete. Naturally, this time frame can be reduced drastically if the car’s paintwork is in pristine condition, or if the vehicle in question is small of stature.

How much does ceramic coating cost? At TINTIX we have two options:


Sedan Ceramic Coating - $899

Add additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps keep it looking like-new with comparatively minimal maintenance. The coating achieves this result by making your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean.


Trucks Ceramic Coating - $1099

Add additional protection to your truck’s exterior and helps keep it looking like-new with comparatively minimal maintenance. The coating achieves this result by making your truck more resilient and easier to clean.

Is Ceramic Coating Good For Cars?



The short answer is yes. Ceramic coating has great benefits that will add value to your car in the long run. It will make your job of cleaning and maintaining it less tedious. So that you spend more time driving and enjoying your car than thinking about ways to keep it protected and clean. 

But if you ask us whether it is a one-stop solution for all your paint worries, we would slant to the negative. There’s no one product in the market that will guarantee the complete protection of your car. If there were, we wouldn’t be discussing ceramic coating, one of the finest car paint protection services available today.

Is ceramic coating worth it? In many cases, ceramic coating your paint is absolutely worth the price. It provides great protection against contaminants and minor scratches, all while making the vehicle much easier to clean up.

Is ceramic coating permanent? A Ceramic Coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s paint, meaning that it does not wash away or break down and does not require repeated application every few months.



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