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Certified Tint Installers


Featuring a hybrid dye-metal blend, this metallic window tint delivers the aesthetics and protection you seek at a great value. Enjoy superior UV defense and a comprehensive selection of VLTs, ideal for any car window tinting needs near you. Perfect for enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and performance without a hefty price tag.

XPEL Prime XR:

Experience top-notch performance with our sought-after ceramic window tint. Ideal for any vehicle, this tint offers superior heat rejection, UV protection, and privacy without sacrificing clarity. It's the perfect upgrade for enhancing your vehicle's comfort, appearance, and overall driving experience. A smart choice for "car window tinting near me" seeking premium quality and value.

XPEL Prime XR Plus:

Upgrade your ride with XPEL Prime XR Plus, the industry-leading window film recognized for superior performance and unmatched quality. This top-tier film offers exceptional heat rejection and UV protection, enhancing your vehicle's privacy and comfort. Featuring advanced nano-ceramic technology, XPEL Prime XR ensures optimal clarity and maintains connectivity, making it the ultimate choice for car window tinting in Livermore and Brentwood. Elevate your driving experience with a combination of style, performance, and protection that sets the standard across the industry. Choose the best window tint near me for assured quality and service.

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Rely on us for premium window tinting solutions that elevate your vehicle’s appearance while delivering enduring benefits like protection and comfort. Discover the difference with top-rated car window tinting experts today.


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Opting for our services is straightforward and convenient. Just follow a few simple steps to secure your window tinting near me appointment, and you’re ready to go.

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We guarantee high-quality, prompt services without delay. All our tinting solutions are 100% secure and safe, ensuring peace of mind.

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Our expert window tint installers ensure a smooth, hassle-free service. Relax and watch the magic happen.


We offer top-tier, affordable window tinting by using the best materials available, keeping prices low for our customers.

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When I arrived the customer representative greeted me with a great smile, he offered me coffee immediately since I arrived at 9:30am. He explained in detail with an example of a heat lamp which product works best for me, I purchased XPEL XR ceramic all around my very new i4. They did a fantastic job in a very short time, was given a 4 hour window and they completed it in 2 1/2 hours. Great service and the price is reasonable, you get what you pay for. Totally recommend this place.

Martha Burgos


Great experience! I’ve had multiple cars in different states having moved a bit through the years, and each one I had tinted. This place is by far the best place I’ve had a vehicle done. Made the appointment with ease, and brought in our new Expedition. Jordan and his staff took care of me and our family car. I’ve been in sales, and I could tell that the customer service was sincere. Quality of work was top notch as well. I highly recommend this place for your tinting needs.

Gerard Sabido


I spoke to Omar through out the whole process. He replied to me promptly with quotes and answered all my questions. I wanted ppf, 2 front window tint, and ceramic coat on my brand new car. He helped me set up an appointment, made it feel really easy and simple. Sam took care of my car…he was also explaining to me what he was going to do based on the services I was inquiring for. The team at tintix did a phenomenal work especially Sam. Thank you so much! Really happy with the results and would recommend 100%. One thing I’d recommend as a client, pick what you want before hand.

Jamye Alyas


Good job TINTIX team! You did an amazing job and I love it. I had my car done with ceramic tint all around. They spent time to explain each types of tint and compare them with sample which help me choose my best option. They did a professional job. I am definitely will choosing them if I need another car tint service. Thank you, TINTIX Team!

Ricky Yau


Top Car Window Tinting Services in Brentwood & Livermore

Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and privacy with our top-rated car window tinting services in Brentwood & Livermore, CA. 

Experience unrivaled protection from harmful UV rays for a cooler, more comfortable drive.

Discover the Best Window Tinting Near Me in Brentwood and Livermore – See the difference firsthand.


What to Look for When Searching for Window Tinting Near Me

  • Expertise and Certification: Ensure that the tint shop you choose employs highly-skilled professionals who are certified. Look for well-established locations with strong reviews, like our Brentwood and Livermore shops, indicating a track record of quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Quality of Materials: The best car window tinting relies on superior materials. Choose a shop that uses top-of-the-line films like ceramic window tints which offer exceptional heat rejection and UV protection without compromising visibility.
  • Range of Services: Whether it’s enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle or protecting its interior from UV rays, a good window tint shop should offer a variety of tinting options. This includes services for different vehicle models, including popular options like Tesla window tinting.
  • Warranty and Aftercare: Look for window tinting services that back their work with solid warranties. A lifetime warranty can speak volumes about the confidence a shop has in its services and materials.
  • Customization Options: Your vehicle is an extension of your style. The best window tint for cars should come with options to customize according to your personal preference and needs.
  • Proximity and Convenience: Ideally, the shop should be nearby, offering convenience when you search for ‘window tinting near me’. Our shops in Brentwood and Livermore provide easy access and swift service to meet your window tinting needs efficiently.


Remember, the right window tinting service not only adds to your vehicle’s aesthetic but also provides a practical upgrade that keeps you comfortable and protected on the road.

Car window Tinting FAQ's

You can get your car windows tinted at our top-rated shops in Brentwood and Livermore, where we specialize in high-quality tinting services.

Prices start at $145, offering value with top-quality materials and expert installation at our locations in Brentwood and Livermore.

Our certified shops in Brentwood and Livermore are the best places for reliable and professional window tinting services in California. 

Our shops in Brentwood and Livermore are renowned for their superior window tinting services, using the latest techniques and best materials.

We provide a variety of tinting options including ceramic tints, full vehicle tints, and customized solutions, tailored to meet all your vehicle needs.

Window tinting can be completed in a few hours (2-4 hours), ensuring fast yet precise service at our Brentwood and Livermore locations.

While DIY removal is possible, we recommend professional services to avoid potential damage. Our team can assist with both application and removal.

Tinting your car at our shops provides enhanced privacy, UV protection, reduced cabin heat, and a sleek car appearance.

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on tinting services, underscoring our dedication to quality and service excellence.

Keep the windows clean using mild soap and avoid abrasive tools. Allow the tint to cure for several days before the first wash.

Yes, our installations adhere to California’s legal standards for tint darkness, ensuring compliance while enhancing vehicle aesthetics.

Ceramic tints excel in blocking heat and UV rays without affecting electronic signals, making them an ideal choice for comprehensive protection.

Schedule your appointment online or by calling our Brentwood or Livermore locations; we make it convenient for you to secure a slot.

Ensure the shop uses high-quality film, provides a warranty, and employs certified installers—standards we pride ourselves on at our shops.

Starting at just $145, you can get your car windows professionally tinted at our Brentwood or Livermore locations. Contact us for detailed quotes based on your specific needs.

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