Can You Get A Car Wash After Window Tint


Can You Get A Car Wash After Window Tint

Oftentimes people may want their windows tinted by may not ask how to care for their car afterward. Moreover, they may never realize just how the windows are tinted, and therefore be uncertain as to what they can do when it comes to cleaning them.

After all, if window tinting is done by applying a special film to the windows, won’t it come off when you wash your car?

It’s a logical question. People want their cars to look good and if they’re leaving TINTIX, then they just spent a good chunk of change on a premium window film installation. You wouldn’t want to mess it up.

Can you get a car wash after tinting your windows?

The answer to this little conundrum is actually quite simple: Yes. You can wash your car to your outside and never have to worry about the tinting in your windows. This is because when the tinting film is applied it is placed on the inside of car windows – not the outside. This gives them a much longer life because they are not exposed to the elements.

That means no wind, rain, sand, dirt, and other things that might damage the film. It is better protected on your car’s interior, so you never have to worry about washing your car and damaging the film.

“After the tinting has been applied, do not even think about washing the interior of your vehicle.The grace period for which one should wait is at least a week or two, and even that can be conservative depending on the type of application you received”

How to wash tinted car windows

If you’ve ever seen what can happen to tint that hasn’t been maintained, then you know it’s not a pretty picture. The bubbled or peeling layer of film on the inside of the windows looks terrible — and sounds worse when the windows are rolled down.

How Long After Tint To Roll Down Windows

Once the tint starts to go, there’s no turning back. The affected area will have to be retinted or removed entirely.

With this being said, it’s important to make sure to wash cars with tinted windows carefully to ensure a job is well done and to avoid any bubbling or peeling.

Be prepared

Before washing the windows, make sure the carwash employee who is performing the tasks has the right tools at hand. These include:

  • Shade: Washing the car in a shaded spot rather than in direct sunlight makes things dry slower. That means your job is easier, and there is also less chance of water spots.
  • Microfiber towels: Don’t use paper or abrasive cotton. Microfiber towels are soft and can absorb a lot of water. Have at least one towel for applying the wash solution and a separate towel for drying.
  • Ammonia-free soap: While tint is usually applied on the inside of windows rather than the outside, ammonia-free soap is generally better for all parts of a car.

Save windows for last

It sounds simple, but making sure the glass is clean will do more to help customers feel like their cars are truly clean than anything else will. After all, customers have to look out those windows every time they drive.

With this in mind, first, clean the rest of the car before moving on to the windows because the process of washing and rinsing exterior panels can get suds on the glass.

Once it’s time to clean the inside of the windows, choose the cleaner carefully; because the residue from some interior cleaners can turn into a vapour and end up on the tint.

Tint-friendly cleaning

Apply an ammonia-free soap to the inside of the windows with a microfiber cloth. When the entire window is covered, dry it right away unless difficult grime needs a second go-around. Avoid the edges of tint, however, where the cleaner can get underneath and cause bubbles.

If there are a few bubbles, you can use a heat gun to try and fix small patches; or try this make-shift trick: Use a credit card wrapped in a soft thin cloth to force air to the edges of windows.

Alternatively, if a bubble forms in the center of a window, a small pin may release the air from it, but keep in mind this may cause a small hole to form.

Next is drying the windows. Grab a fresh microfiber cloth, and quarter it to make a smaller surface area for removing the cleaning agent. Move the cloth in the same direction as when the clean was applied.

A thin film of cleaner can usually be seen on the window, so use plenty of pressure to make sure it’s all removed. If it dries, you’ll have to start the process again.

Maintenance to ensure longevity

Now that the tinted windows are washed, why not offer customers some friendly tips to help boost the tint’s longevity? Yes, part of this will depend on the window tint; a cheap job could last a couple of years, while something nicer could last the lifetime of the car. However, customers can take a few steps to ensure longevity.

At TINTIX we encourage customers to park in the shade or in a garage to decrease the amount of full sun on the windows. Likewise, customers should have the inside of their windows cleaned regularly — for example, whenever they take a trip to your carwash to get an exterior clean; every two weeks is generally a good rule of thumb.

Avoid cutting corners when cleaning tinted windows by keeping these simple suggestions in mind, and you can help ensure the tint lasts a lifetime.

Summary of Can You Get A Car Wash After Window Tint

After window car tinting you should definitely skip the car wash for a few days. If you wash your car a few hours after the installation it will prolong the drying process. It is highly recommended to wait for one or two weeks before going to the car wash.

If your vehicle does not have window tints and you are interested in learning more about the benefits and installation of window tints, then visit our services section today. On our website, you can learn more about the products TINTIX uses and our step-by-step installation process for window tinting.

TINTIX works with vehicles of every make and model. If you’re not sure if window tints can be applied to your vehicle, then give TINTIX a call at (925) 261-7111 or fill out our online contact form. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities for your vehicle.

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