Benefits Of Vinyl Wrapping A Car

Benefits of Car Vinyl Wrap

Benefits of vinyl wrapping your car

Benefits of vinyl wrapping your car! Well, everyone likes the feeling of rolling onto the scene in a shiny, brand-new car. Getting a paint job can have the same effect, giving that old and faithful car a new look and a new lease on life.

Are there better options though?

More than a few people are taking to the popular trick of vinyl car wrapping, and they’d recommend the same without hesitation. Less expensive than buying a new car and more versatile than paint, car wrapping may just be the way to go in 2022

Vinyl car wrap is basically a thin film that goes on top of your regular car paint. The affordability and convenience of vinyl wrapping have made it increasingly popular over the last decade or so. You may have even seen cars on the road with vinyl wrapping and not even realized it. That is how realistic they look!

Vinyl wraps come in all sorts of finishes and color options. This gives you the total creative freedom to customize your vehicle’s appearance in any way you want.

Vehicle wrapping used to be reserved for larger commercial vehicles like buses, trucks, and trains. But a revolution is occurring among car owners to embrace the trend as well. Some do it for advertising purposes while others are looking to give their vehicles a brand-new look. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of vehicle wrapping benefits to be had.

Benefits of Car Wrapping

There are many great reasons to choose a vinyl wrap for your vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

Low Cost

The cost of a vinyl wrap is one of its most appealing features. Compared to a quality paint job, a full vehicle wrap will cost a fraction of the price.

Cost-wise, vinyl car wrapping is roughly within the same range as a fresh paint job, depending on the desired modifications and whether or not it’s a detailed job or full wrap. So it all depends on the needs of the customer. A full job won’t dip below 2 grand, but neither does a quality paint job. If a customer isn’t willing to pay for quality, there are of course cheaper options for paint, but in that case: whatever is paid for is what the driver has to live with. Either way, if careful, wrapping doesn’t have to break the bank.

And Before splashing out on a complete respray, a car wrap allows you to test out new colors at a lower cost. While the price of a vinyl wrap can vary, especially if you want the work carried out at a professional Body paint shop, it is a cheaper option and allows you to be flexible with the style and design as well as the length of time you keep the wrap.

Protection Against Scratch and Abrasion

If a car has high quality or factory paint job, car wrapping can only do two things for it: cover it and protect it. There’s no need to fear damaging the paint. In fact, the vinyl will act as a barrier between the paint and weather exposure, rocks and other debris, and the normal wear of time. If done the right way, the vinyl won’t even leave a sticky residue when removed. Of course, a driver should be picky about what sort of vinyl is used to guarantee the best results.

Worrying about all these factors is daunting, and you simply don’t have time for that! What you needed is a vinyl car wrap – it’s a high-quality material like the one we use at TINTIX for all our car wraps, it’s made of high-density urethane vinyl film.

Advertising Opportunity for Business

Car wrapping provides an amazing opportunity for any kind of business that really wants to put its product in the public eye. From pizza delivery trucks to landscaping businesses, having a car wrapped in the company logo, colors, or slogan is a sure-fire way to get it into the sight of and on the minds of passersby. It also presents opportunities for those who have a driving route; there are companies who will pay to have their merchandise or services advertised on someone’s car.

According to a marketing study a car wrap, on average, generates about 32,804 to 75,897 views a day, 30% of which are your potential customers. Mobile advertising is undeniably a force to reckon with. Even big corporations have their utility vehicles wrapped with ads.

Protects Your Car’s Resale Value

The thing is, most secondhand buyers would prefer the original finish of the vehicle the first time you bought it. That is because the resale value is also preserved, and it is highly likely that basic colors are more saleable than the custom ones. Is your favorite color yellow? Or is your boutique’s theme color pink? Vivid colors could literally narrow down your list of potential buyers.

Opt for a red Tesla or a silver-grey Toyota and have it wrapped with a vinyl film with whatever design you wanted. Then when you feel the need to sell it, you can have your red or silver-grey car back anytime you wanted.


A car wrap can last a very long time if it’s properly taken care of. If done right (read as professionally installed) and diligently maintained, a car wrap job can last for about 7 years. Typically, customers start to notice a difference in quality near the 4 to 5-year mark; the color, shine and feel start to show their age. However, these are minor and natural, as opposed to the marks of shoddy workmanship, like bubbles, creases, and premature lifting of the wrap because of dirt. Overall, car wrapping is a good investment that is made to last.

But how do you look after your car wrap?

The straight areas of your car wrap are susceptible to particles and smog, which is abundant in congested areas. When these contaminants get wet overnight, they form an acid solution that zips into the vinyl wrap and causes it to deteriorate if left on. But constant washing removes those contaminants on the surface of your car’s wrap, and the most effective way of cleaning, by far, is by hand washing with a non-aggressive detergent and warm water.

Various Options

Car wrapping has so many options it’ll make anyone’s head spin off their shoulders. Colors, patterns, aesthetics, even placement: it’s all customizable. There are several brands to choose from, some even offering color-shifting schemes that are designed to change with the light. There are also vinyl that mimics other materials like stainless steel, carbon fiber, and leather, not to mention the vast array of finishes like satin, gloss, semi-gloss or matte. There’s also the option to create a personal design digitally. Really, when it comes to car wrapping, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

Custom paint job requires a certain level of commitment. As you may have known, it takes weeks to spray paint the car from the bonnet down to the strips. What’s worse is that a slight mistake could ruin your plans for the next car show in town.

Car wrapping takes away all those worries. You can work with professionals like TINTIX, to print your design on a vinyl film and have them install the vinyl car wrap on your ride within a day or two. It is error-proof and it’s fast and easy to make those corrections right away.

Easily Removed

If you decide to sell your car, or just want to try a different look, car wrapping can be removed. However, the removal of the vinyl wrap can go one of two ways depending on the previous maintenance. First of all, it’s always best to take the car back to the original shop that applied the wrap. If the wrap is still intact structurally, removal is easy-peasy, only taking about 3 to 4 hours and costing around $500. If removal gets nasty, with the wrap coming apart because of being baked in, the labor time and price will definitely climb.

Car Wrapping Benefits in a Nutshell

Car Wrapping Benefits has a lot to offer on the table! And when it comes to different looks and styles, car wrapping beats an expensive paint job by a mile. Whether is for personal taste or for marketing your business, Car Wrapping Benefits are the best choice for your hard-earned money and time.

Just like it requires a professional to give a car a beautiful paint job, it takes a professional to do a quality vinyl wrap as well. An unprofessional installer can end up causing damage to your vehicle. As the vinyl is applied, it needs to be cut.

A professional will do this without damaging the original paint
while an amateur can leave cut marks and scratches in the finish of your car.

Looking around the edges will also show the quality of a wrap. An amateur will leave rough, sloppy edges along with the panels and curves. It might look good from a few feet away, but like a poor paint job, a poor installation can ruin an otherwise well-built car. Make sure your installer is trained and certified to install vinyl.

Vinyl Wrap Car Near Me?

The market for vinyl wrapping continues to expand and many shops offer vinyl installation. Finding a good shop near you shouldn’t be hard. If you’re in Brentwood, CA, however, there should be only one shop to consider: TINTIX

At TINTIX We have certified vinyl installers and use the 3M Vinyl Wrap at our Brentwood Vinyl Wrap shops.

This brand has developed a reputation for offering the highest quality vinyl wrap
that protects your vehicle and can be removed without causing damage.

Our shops have certified installers with years of experience to ensure the job is done right. Give us a call or stop in today to learn more.


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